Quabbin Quills

Quabbin Quills is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to unite authors in the Quabbin area to put together a high-quality anthology of their best work. Proceeds from the anthology will be going into future publications, local educational programs, and scholarships. The Quabbin Quills offer workshops throughout the summer as a means of improving our submissions while getting to know our fellow artists better.

Quabbin Quills partnered with Perpetual Imagination to release their quality publications.

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#1: Time’s Reservoir, December 2017


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The Quabbin region of Massachusetts has a storied history. Deep beneath the waters of her reservoir, time has stood still for close to a century in the flooded streets of the cities lost to progress. Join twenty-two contemporary Central and Western Massachusetts authors as they embark on exploring what ‘Time’s Reservoir’ means to them.

Time’s reservoir features the work of by Steven Michaels (Author),‎ Clare Kirkwood (Author),‎ Mary Owen (Author),‎ Sally Sennott (Author),‎ James Thibeault (Author),‎‎ Kathy Chencharik (Author),‎ Bonnie Arnot (Author),‎ Phyllis Cochran (Author),‎ Joanne McIntosh (Author),‎ Joshua DeVault  (Author),‎ Linda Donaldson (Author),‎ Clare Green (Author),‎ Diane Kane (Author),‎ Dennis F. King (Author),‎ Miryam Ehrlich Williamson (Editor),‎ bg Thurston (Editor),‎ Charlotte Taylor (Editor),‎ elaine reardon (Editor),‎ Sharon A. Harmon (Editor),‎ Emily Boughton (Cover Design)

A launch party was held at Athol Public Library on January 30, 2018.

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