Live Events

Perpetual Imagination is dedicated to creating unique and engaging live events for a variety of purposes.  Through the use of our wide array of technological assets and an engaging talent base from which to build your event, we are able to create events that wow audiences and explore the mulitifaceted entertainment desires of a wide audience.

Entertainment Services

We have equipment and entertainers available for any event.  From speakers, to comedians, to magicians, to writers and performers of broadway-caliber private or corporate original shows, we can suit any need and fit any budget.  Perpetual Imagination has filled a theater with a show, and organized performances, music, and dancing for weddings.  We can even simply DJ weddings and birthday parties.  Let us know how Perpetual Imagination can make your event special – contact us at info {at perpetualimagination} .com


Most well known production is the touring program FortNight, a live radio show hosted by Solomon Deep.


For more information about booking FortNight for your venue, or to speak with a representative about bringing Perpetual Imagination’s energy to your event, contact us at info {at perpetualimagination} .com