Free Pi

Here you will find free media from Perpetual Imagination.

This will include free releases of audio, text, and royalty-free plays.  More coming soon.

Feel free to download and share them with friends all over the world, but do not modify or sell any of them.


Free Audio

Creative Commons License

…Coming soon!

Free Publications

Creative Commons License

A Secular Summer Union: A Wedding Song and Service for a Lifelong Commitment

A Wedding Service By Solomon Deep



Flash Fiction By Solomon Deep

Enlight1 (7)

Blow/Refresh” – Upliterate’s 2016 Summer Fiction Winner

Creative Nonfiction by Solomon Deep (at

Royalty-Free Plays

These plays are royalty-free to produce under certain conditions.  No matter what, they are free to download and read for your personal, private use.  Run times are approximate. For more information on how to secure performance rights under the specific conditions for your organization, read the included performance rights contract, and then submit it for consideration.

KEY:   ACTORS  (M/F/Unisex)  |  RUNTIME  | GENRE

Dead Subject
By Solomon Deep
4 Actors (4M or 2M 2Unisex) | approx. 30min | Mystery/Thriller

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